Great Oak Foods is a community run shop structured as a social enterprise. We also have a community kitchen and meeting room for hire. The objectives of Great Oak Foods  are:

1. To be a retail outlet for organic fresh foods and associated products to provide the opportunity for customers to make sustainable lifestyle choices.

2. To create opportunities for a local market for organically grown produce and to provide the means for sustainable employment in the community, ecologically and economically.

3. To support the local economy through a local purchasing policy and to make available a wider range of products in the area, and to reduce dependency on importing products, with associated food miles.

4. To encourage social investment in sustainable enterprise and to empower members of the community to become actively involved in issues surrounding local food and ecological sustainability.

The shop’s financial policy is to balance a fair rate of pay to employees and local producers with accessible pricing, and to ensure the continuation of the business for the objectives above.