Great Oak Foods is run by volunteers who feel passionately about organic and local food.

There is a small number of shareholders who, in times of plenty, will receive a dividend in the form of a gift voucher to spend in the shop.

There is a board of (unpaid) directors who keep an eye on things and make sure that the shop keeps to its aims and objectives.

There used to be a part time manager, who was paid a wage to take care of the ordering, staffing and day to day running of the shop. Unfortunately because finances are tight (we are losing money) it is no longer affordable to pay a manager for this. Until we are back in a stronger financial position, two of the directors (Isobel and Chris) will manage the shop on a voluntary basis.

… And then there are the volunteers, without whom the shop could not continue. They give their time in exchange for an allowance of veg.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact the shop.

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